Prenatal Multi Complex
Prenatal Multi Complex
Prenatal Multi Complex
Prenatal Multi Complex
Prenatal Multi Complex
Prenatal Multi Complex
Mucuna Pruriens
Mucuna Pruriens
Mucuna Pruriens
Prenatal Multi Complex

Prenatal Multi Complex


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  • 120 Capsules per Bottle
  • 2 Month Supply
  • Enhanced with MK-7
  • 10 Billion CFU Probiotics Blend
  • Prenatal Digestive Enzyme Blend
  • Organic Prenatal Herbal Blend
  • FDA and GMP Certified

  • Outstanding ValueA single bottle contains 120 vegan capsules, and is enhanced with our proprietary blends of Probiotics, Prenatal Digestive Enzymes and Organic Prenatal Herbs, as well as MK-7 – an amazing value!

  • Complete, Balanced FormulaOur Complete Prenatal Multi Complex is a balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and probiotics designed to support mother and baby's nutritional needs before, during and after pregnancy.

  • Enhanced with 3 SuperblendsOur Complete Prenatal Multi Complex is further enhanced with our Prenatal Digestive Enzyme Blend, our Organic Prenatal Herbal Blend, our Proprietary 13-Strain Probiotic Blend, and MK-7. No other prenatal multi offers you this much!

  • Natural, Vegan & Non-GMOAll ingredients, including the capsule, are 100% vegan. Our Extra Strength Prenatal Multi does not contain any sweeteners, artificial flavors, wheat, corn, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, shellfish, or tree nut ingredients. Enjoy the amazing benefits of our potent Extra Strength Prenatal Multi without worrying about what else might be hiding in each capsule!

  • Gold Standard ProductionYour health and safety mean everything to us. For that reason, our Prenatal Multi Complex is manufactured in the USA, in a fully certified facility with adherence to good manufacturing policies and under the most stringent quality control. You can rest assured that you get the best value for your money!

Our Quality Assurances

  • Vegan

    All ingredients are 100% vegan and made from the purest sources available.

  • Lab Tested

    All ingredients are third-party tested to ensure quality, potency and purity.

  • FDA Registered Facility

    Produced in FDA certified facility under the most stringent quality standards.

  • Gluten Free

    All ingredients in this product, as well as the capsules, are 100% gluten free.

  • Non GMO

    We ensure that all ingredients, including the capsules, are completely non-GMO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to take a Prenatal Vitamin before and/or during pregnancy?

Prenatal vitamins contain all of the recommended daily vitamins and minerals a mother-to-be's body needs before and during pregnancy – which helps in turn to ensure your growing baby also gets what they need.

How long should I continue taking my prenatal multi vitamin?

You should continue to take them for at least four to six weeks after birth, or until you stop breastfeeding, to protect both you and your baby from nutrient depletion.

Do I have to eat before taking prenatal vitamins?

We recommend taking with food. Swallowing capsules can make some people nauseous, and given that many mothers-to-be feel nausea, it’s best to play it safe and take with food. That being said, the capsules are equally effective taken with food or on an empty stomach, so it’s OK to take either way.

Is it better to take prenatal vitamins in the morning or at night?

You can take them at any time. However, for best results, make sure you always take them at the same time each day. By taking the capsules at the same time, your body develops a routine for absorbing them better. This is much the same way that if you eat lunch at exactly 12:30 each day, your stomach will start to release digestive juices and grumble around that time, based on habituation.
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Why Use Zazzee Prenatal Multi Complex?

Our Prenatal Multi Complex is a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals designed to support mother and baby's nutritional needs before, during, and after pregnancy.
Why Use Zazzee Prenatal Multi Complex?
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