Prenatal DHA

Prenatal DHA

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  • 180 Enteric Coated Softgels
  • 500 mg DHA per Serving
  • 1000 mg Total Omega 3's
  • 1000 IU of Vitamin D3
  • Burp Free, No Fishy Aftertaste
  • Superior Triglyceride Form
  • 3 Month Supply
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  • Outstanding Value

    A single bottle contains 180 enteric coated softgels, 500 mg of DHA, 350 mg of EPA, and 1000 mg of Total Omega 3's, and 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 per serving – an amazing value!

  • Burp Free, No Fishy Aftertaste

    Our Prenatal DHA is enteric coated, which enables the softgels to pass through the stomach undigested and then be absorbed in the large intestine. This means better absorption, no burps, and no fishy aftertaste!

  • Superior Triglyceride Form

    Not all DHA is created equal! Our Prenatal DHA is made from the superior Triglyceride form, which means that it is more potent and better absorbed by the body.

  • 500 mg DHA per Serving

    Each serving contains a super robust 500 mg of DHA, 350 mg of EPA, and 1000 mg of Total Omega 3's, all derived from purified deep sea fish oil of the superior Triglyceride form.

  • Gold Standard Production

    Your health and safety mean everything to us. For that reason, our Prenatal DHA is manufactured in the USA, in a fully certified facility with adherence to good manufacturing policies and under the most stringent quality control. You can rest assured that you get the best value for your money!


  • Vegan

    All ingredients are 100% vegan and made from the purest sources available.
  • Lab Tested

    All ingredients are third-party tested to ensure quality, potency and purity.
  • FDA Registered Facility

    Produced in FDA certified facility under the most stringent quality standards.
  • Gluten Free

    All ingredients in this product, as well as the capsules, are 100% gluten free.
  • Non GMO

    We ensure that all ingredients, including the capsules, are completely non-GMO.

Why Use Zazzee Prenatal DHA?

Our Prenatal DHA is a potent, balanced blend of DHA, EPA and Omega 3's designed to support mother and baby's nutritional needs before, during and after pregnancy.
Why Use Zazzee

Five Star Reviews from Amazon

product review

All I need for adequate DHA Supply

DHA is an important nutrient and necessity for our body, supporting omega-3 needs. It is prominent in the brain and eyes, and especially critical for women who are planning to be parents since it supports the development of the brain. This prenatal DHA is exactly what I’m looking for. It provides both omega-3 and vitamin D3. It has the proper dose, and is all I need to get adequate DHA supply. I’m taking it everyday. It has good quality, easy to take and no odd tastes.
May 15, 2022
product review

Easy on stomach

I take prenatals not only because I am trying for a baby. But they help with my skin,hair and nails. This is a big bottle at a great price. This a three month supply which is nice. Theses capsules are easy to swallow and leave no after taste. I did not have any issues with a upset stomach with them.
Jul 10, 2022
product review

No fishy burps

✔️ No fishy burps so far ✔️ Full recommended amount of DHA for pregnant people ✔️ Contains vitamin D as well ✔️ Good price for a DHA supplement specifically for pregnancy
Jun 4, 2022